Pre alpha trailer

I’m happy to show the Pre-alpha trailer for “the Meek”.

It is important for me to get feedback on what works and what doesn’t, and it is a constant cost-benefit analysis to figure out when to show something, and when not to: The sooner i show stuff, the quicker I get feedback, and the quicker I can fix the stuff that needs fixing. On the other hand, the later I show stuff, the better it looks, feels and sounds. It is scary to show ones game to the world, but it is also immensely valuable. So, please enjoy the trailer, and do feel free to comment below !

Oh yeah … almost forgot: remember that they WILL inherit the earth…..

Meet Janet

Hi everyone.

It’s time for my first developer diary video.  I’ve decided to share my thoughts about the creative and technical process that goes into building a game like “The Meek”. I plan to upload a video every two-three weeks, for those of you that might want to follow.

In this one, the first, I’m introducing Janet Patrick, my main character, and the toolset I’m using to build her, and the undead hordes chasing her……

Enjoy !

The Meek

I’m happy to finally be able to show a little bit of what I’m working on now. Since going indie, I have the constant nagging feeling that what I’m building isn’t good enough, isn’t ready to show, needs just a little more polish…..

But, ready or not, here it comes (drumroll please): Proudly presenting : The Meek !


Janet Patrick, a young special effects assistant, wakes up one morning to find most of her hometown Los Angeles overrun by Zombies.   This proves to be the beginning of a very, very bad day.

As Janet, you try to make your way out of the infected city, without getting caught and killed by the zombies. Janet is not at all comfortable with guns, so she must find other ways to deal with those zombies she cannot sneak past. Luckily, Janet is a resourceful girl, who can turn all kinds of things into improvised traps for the Zombies.

Sneak your way past the hordes of Zombies. Lay deadly traps in their path, and explore the city, finding the truth about the outbreak, and maybe also the solution.

Follow the development of the game right here: I plan to be pretty open about how the game is progressing,  whats coming, and how I crack the many, many technical and creative nuts I’ll run into in the development.

You can also check out the games facebook page here:  Like or follow it, and it will be easier for you to follow the development of the game.  I’ll be posting updates here, and on the facebook page about the development of the game.

Thank you for watching, and remember: They shall inherit the earth…….