Zombie brains 101

I love making zombie games, and so do a LOT of other game developers. We love it, because it is really easy to make a zombie behave right: Zombies are stupid, simple creatures, so their basic behavior is easy to create. If the zombie does something really stupid, like walking into the propeller of a helicopter, that is perfectly OK: It’s a zombie. they are supposed to be stupid.

Also… zombies make great enemies: No matter what you do to a zombie, it’s pretty much OK, and fair game.

Now, with the Meek, I’m changing the rules of the “zombie game” just a little bit: Janet, my main character doesn’t like guns. She’s kinda McGyver meets Ripley: She’s scared, yes, but she keeps her cool, and she thinks her way through problems, using her skills as a special effects specialist to build improvised traps.  If you want to keep up-to-date on the game, you can go like the facebook page here, and of course check in here as well…

Let’s look inside the brain of the zombies in “the Meek”:

Enjoy. And as always, remember that they WILL inherit the earth…..

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